Top 18 courses to do after 12th Arts stream in 2019

Top 18 courses to do after 12th Arts stream in 2019

In this article, we will check out some best professional courses that 12th Arts stream students mayursue after their schooling. In this article, I’ve listed the courses and also provided course duration details. Towards the end of the article, a short explanation regarding career opportunities after 12th Arts stream is also given. Arts stream students will find this article very useful! Do read the entire post and choose a course that suits you best. And if you like my poor stick drawing that I’ve provided throughout the article, please do share them too!


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    • 4 Hotel Management
    • 5 B.B.A.
    • 6 Event Management
    • 7 Fashion Design
    • 8 Retail and Fashion Merchandise
    • 9 Integrated Law course
    • 10 Graphic Design
    • 11 Teacher Training courses
courses to do after 12th ArtsHere are some good courses that one may do after 12th Arts-
  1. B.A.– stands for Bachelor of Arts. Course duration is 3 years. The best thing about this course is that so many B.A. specialization courses are available to choose from. A general set of common B.A. subjects are present, in addition to which specialization subjects are also present. Some specialization areas are- B.A. Psychology, B.A. History, B.A. Archaeology, B.A. Economics, B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication, B.A. English, B.A. Hindi, B.A. Malayalam, B.A. in other languages (state wise), B.A. Sociology, B.A. Politics, B.A. Geography, B.A. Indian Culture, B.A. Social Work etc.
  2. B.B.A.– stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. Course duration is 3 years.
  3. B.M.S.– stands for Bachelor of Management Science. Course duration is 3 years.
  4. B.F.A.– stands for Bachelor of Fine arts. Course duration is 3 years.
  5. B.H.M.– stands for Bachelor of Hotel Management. Course duration is 3 years.
  6. B.E.M.– stands for Bachelor of Event Management. Course duration is 3-4 years.
  7. Integrated Law course– B.A.+L.L.B. Course duration is 5 years.
  8. B.J.M.– stands for Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communications. Course duration is 2-3 years.
  9. B.F.D.– stands for Bachelor of Fashion Designing. Course duration is 4 years.
  10. B.El.Ed.– stands for Bachelor of Elementary Education. Course duration is 4 years.
  11. B.P.Ed.– stands for Bachelor of Physical Education. Course duration is 1 year.
  12. D.El.Ed.– stands for Diploma in Elementary Education. Course duration is 3 years.
  13. B.SW.– stands for Bachelor of Social Work. Course duration is 3 years.
  14. Animation and Multimedia course. Course duration differs, but is generally between 1-3 years.
  15. B.RM.– stands for Bachelor of Retail Management. Course duration is 3 years.
  16. Aviation courses (Cabin Crew). Course duration is generally between 1-3 years.
  17. B.B.S.– stands for Bachelor of Business Studies. Course duration is 3 years.
  18. B.T.T.M.– stands for Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management. Course duration is 3-4 years.

Those were some top professional courses that one could do after finishing 12th Arts stream schooling. Not only are the above mentioned courses being offered by a large number of Colleges in India, they are job oriented too. If you are interested, please give the next section a look. Over there, I’ve analyzed some professional courses in detail, which Arts stream students are eligible to pursue!


1 B.A.

B.A. stands for Bachelor of Arts. It is one of the traditional professional courses that still many Arts stream students pursue. This course is 3 years long. B.A. students are supposed to go through a not too tough syllabus.

The advantage of selecting this course is that it is an easy to do Undergraduate program! You see, many Government jobs require applicants to be Graduates. So, if it is a Government job that you are targeting, you may pursue this course. It is an easy to pursue course and one may concentrate one’s efforts towards preparing for Government Job entrance exams!

Apart from the above mentioned advantage, there is another attractive advantage that this course offers- easy availability of seats and Colleges! Yes, throughout India, there are many Private as well as Government Colleges offering B.A. course. So, if one doesn’t want to leave one’s native place and pursue a professional course right there itself, this course could prove to be of help!

Talking about eligibility criteria in case of B.A., 12th Arts (or any other stream) students who have successfully cleared 12th standard examination from a recognized School may pursue this course!

After B.A., one may also go for M.A.! Doing so will enhance one’s skill set and market value! B.A. Graduates may land Government sector jobs such as in Banks, Armed Forces, Police Force, Administrative Office, Schools etc. They may also take up Private sector jobs such as- Accountants, Managers, Administrators etc.

Important subjects present in B.A. program-

  • English Language
  • History of Cultures
  • Introduction to Mechanics
  • Introduction to Graphics
  • Introduction to Design
  • Visual Arts studies
  • Study of Materials
  • Visual Perception
  • Workshops

Apart from the above mentioned common subjects, B.A. students then have to select a combination of courses that they have to pursue after the first year. Some of the important choices that they have are- Psychology, Archaeology, Economics, Mathematics, Languages (like Hindi, English, French etc), Sanskrit, Sociology, Indian Culture, Politics, Geography, History etc.

2 B.F.A.

B.F.A. stands for Bachelor of Fine Arts. Just like B.A., this professional course is also 3 years long course.

Talking about the syllabus, B.F.A. is all about study of visual forms of arts. For example, some of the areas of specialization within this course (and thus subjects) are- Painting, Sculpting, Music, Dance, Photography etc. According to me, this course suits students who are into the creative side of things!

I think students who are not too creative and those who don’t have skills in the above mentioned fields must not think about pursuing this course. Because, to succeed and thrive in this field after Graduation, creativity and skills are must haves!

When it comes to eligibility criteria, 12th Arts passed students may apply for B.F.A. There are many Private as well as Government Institutes offering B.F.A. course throughout India.


This one is a job oriented and ‘in demand’ course. The Media sector is going through a phase of immense growth! Not only traditional forms of Media like print and TV, online media is also something that is catching up.

All this has resulted in increased number of job openings in Media sector! So, it is safe to say that Mass Communication professionals are in demand these days!

When it comes to Mass Communication, there are different types of courses available, like Degree, Diploma as well as Certificate courses. Degree course lasts 3 years. The duration of Diploma and Certificate courses ranges between 1-2 years.

Students who have a flair for Journalism, social activism etc will thrive in this field. Also, having good communications skills will be an added benefit!

12th Arts stream students who have successfully cleared board examinations may apply for this course. There are many Private as well as Government Institutes offering this course to students. Even there are institutes offering certificate as well as Diploma courses. Please make sure that those private institutes are recognized by the Government!

Talking about job opportunities after this course, Media houses are the prime recruiters. These days, thanks to the arrival of unconventional online media brands, a whole new set of job opportunities has also been unfurled in front of Mass Communication students!

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